Welcome to Nakshatra Emerald: Premium Hospitality near Guruvayur Temple

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Brand Story

In crafting Nakshatra Hotels’ logo, we sought to embody the essence of celestial grandeur and everlasting luxury. The star(Nakshatra) symbol, representing brilliance and aspiration, gracefully intertwines with the letter “N,” signifying the brand’s distinguished identity and including the meaning of name. As the stars align, the infinite symbol emerges, symbolizing boundless possibilities and eternal elegance.
This captivating convergence mirrors Nakshatra’s commitment to creating timeless experiences. Just as stars illuminate the night sky, our hotel illuminates each guest’s journey. The logo narrates a tale of celestial harmony, infinite elegance, and a luxurious escape that transcends time – a radiant emblem that beckons guests to explore the luminous world of Nakshatra Hotels.

Brand Vision

We manage affordable and successful hotels in key destinations, catering families and businessmen, to ensure a memorable stay and living, proving value for money

Brand Mission

To efficiently utilize our hotel management expertise in operations to guest experiences, thus bringing success and pride to all stakeholders including owners, guests, partners and employees

Brand Values

  1. Elegance: Striving for timeless aesthetics and refined design, ensuring an elegant and luxurious ambiance in all our properties.
  2. Exceptional Service: Providing attentive, personalized, and impeccable service to create unforgettable guest experiences.
  3. Authenticity: Celebrating each destination’s rich cultural heritage and local charm, offering authentic experiences.
  4. Innovations: Embracing creativity and innovation to stay at the forefront of luxury hospitality trends and Services.
  5. EnvironmentalStewardship: Committed to sustainable practices, respecting and preserving the natural environment in which our hotels reside