Welcome to Nakshatra Hotels: Your Sacred Retreat near Guruvayur Temple

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Brand Story

When developing the logo for Nakshatra Hotels, our goal was to capture the spirit of timeless elegance and heavenly grandeur. The letter “N” and the star (Nakshatra) symbol, which stands for aspiration and excellence, beautifully intertwine to reflect the brand’s distinctive attributes as well as the deeper significance of the name. The infinite sign, which stands for endless possibilities and timeless elegance, appears when the stars align.


Nakshatra’s commitment to producing everlasting experiences is reflected in this alluring convergence. Just by choosing us and making a perfect Guruvayoor room bookingour hotel lights each visitor’s journey, just like stars do the night sky. The brand tells a story of heavenly harmony, boundless grace, and an opulent getaway that exists outside of time. It is a magnificent symbol that urges visitors to discover the bright world of Nakshatra Hotels.

Brand Vision

As one of the renowned hotels at Guruvayoor, we offer families and business travellers a memorable stay. To guarantee value for money, we successfully operate reasonably priced hotels in prominent spots.

Brand Mission

To effectively integrate our practical expertise in hotel management into guest experiences as one of the best Guruvayur hotels, thereby offering success and pride to all stakeholders, including owners, visitors, partners, and team.

Brand Values

  1. Hospitality: This core value, which includes real concern, hospitality, and a readiness to go above and beyond for guests is fundamental to our hotel.
  2. Contentment of the Guests: Achieving a comfortable and unforgettable stay for guests while surpassing their expectations has to be the primary focus.
  3. Magnificence:: A commitment to offering top-notch facilities, services, and amenities to customers at all times.
  4. Integrity: Operating in all facets of the organization with integrity, openness, and honesty as one of the best Guruvayur temple accommodations.
  5. Persistence: An emphasis on sustainable practices such as resource conservation, ethical trash disposal, and community support.
  6. Inclusion and Diversity: Establishing a warm atmosphere as one of the renowned hotels in Guruvayur that accepts employees as well as guests from many cultural and ethnic origins.